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Ways to Keep Teens Busy This Summer

For most teens, the school year is remarkably busy. Balancing school, homework, sports, extracurricular clubs, work, etc., can leave little downtime to recharge their batteries. Summer is the perfect opportunity to slow down and relax, but many teens (and their parents) feel the pressure to make the summer months productive, too.

While a more flexible schedule is great, it is also important to ensure teens don’t spend all their downtime scrolling Tik Tok, binging Netflix or getting sucked into video game oblivion.

Here are some ideas to help keep teens productive this summer.

Learn a new skill. Summer is an exciting time for teens to work on themselves. Maybe they are interested in learning to play an instrument, taking up cooking or mastering a new language. For many, these interests can get pushed to the wayside to make room for school and work obligations during the majority of the year.

Take a class. Many teens want to get ahead of school obligations during the summer. If this is your kid, have them explore the many classes now being offered online. Teens can take classes in a variety of subjects, from required courses like math and language studies to electives like art or music. Using the off-season to get ahead in school can lessen pressure during the fall semester.

Volunteer. Research shows volunteering can reduce signs of anxiety and depression in teens. Encourage your teen to seek out volunteer activities interesting to them. Consider volunteering at an animal shelter, helping pack emergency food boxes or tutoring younger students.

Arts and crafts. Looking for a way to tap into your teen’s creative side? Painting, drawing or sculpting is a great place to start. Many YouTube channels provide educational sessions focused on art. The Shemer Art Center, located in Arcadia, also offers workshops and classes in a variety of mediums. Teens can also explore other creative outlets like making jewelry, creating scrapbooks or designing their own clothes. They might even consider opening an Etsy shop to make money from their creations.

Get a job. Summer jobs are a fantastic way for teens to make money, gain work experience and develop soft skills like time management and customer service.

Join a book club. When was the last time your teen read for fun? Reading is a great way for teens to stay entertained and grow their vocabulary.

Get physical. Outdoor activities can be a terrific way to keep teens busy. Swimming, hiking or playing sports are all great ways to get teens outside and active. If they are looking for something more adventurous, they can try camping, kayaking or indoor rock climbing.

Keeping teens busy when they aren’t in school can be challenging, but with these ideas, teens can stay entertained and engaged. From outdoor activities and online classes to work and volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of ways for teens to have fun and stay busy.

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